A light on the Sea - Winslow Homer - fishing nets around a woman Winslow Homer NetsWinslow Homer Net Detail of female face

Art and Artifice

A Light on the Sea, 1897

Winslow Homer

Detail a Light on the Sea - By Winslow Homer

Detail from A Light on the Sea by Winslow Homer, 1897

Collection of The Corcoran Museum, transferred to the National Gallery of Art in Washington DC

Winslow Homer – Breezing Up, 1876

Winslow Homer – A Light on the Sea, 1897

Winslow Homer – Right and Left, 1909

Winslow Homer – Kissing the Moon, 1904

Classical Painting Atelier: A Contemporary Guide to Traditional Studio Practice - AMAZON Published by Watson-Guptill, 256 pages

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