Child Fear Parent Delaware Art Museum Delele Howard Pyle The Coming Tide 1909 Scavenger - seagul on coast painted 1974 oil on canvas by Jamie Wyeth Detail image of Scavenger by Jamie Wyeth Self Portrait by Edward Hopper 1903-1906 oil on canvas Kees van Dongen painting 1913 SAIDA - or possibly painted in 1920, NGA Museum Washington DCIn the Laundry painting by Robert Frederick Blum 1884In the Laundry detail image from the painting by Robert Frederick Blum 1884 Pediment Sculpture cast duplicates from Parthenon Greece Art and Artifice 2023

Last updated June 12, 2024

King Charles new portrait is attacked by animal rights group – KSDK

The score on the Parthenon marbles? 17-0 in favor of Greece

A UNESCO vote on the ownership of the "Parthenon Marbles" (aka "Elgin Marbles") shows that support for the British Museum's position of legal authority over the Acropolis statuary and metopes has been steadily crumbling for some time, and might be headed for a climax of sorts. If the British claims are finally ditched and the marbles begin a return to Greece, this could open the door for a massive change in relationships of museums with tenuous holds on dubiously acquired objects in their collections with the various countries where the objects originally came from (Egypt, Greece and Turkey, for example, though the list of countries with art objects removed from them is a very long list indeed.)

Story at Kathimerini [in Greek]

"15 Must-See Shows This Fall in Europe" –
detail of Edward Hopper Self Portrait 1903-1906

Detail of Edward Hopper Self Portrait 1903-1906

Coming exhibit:

The Lost Mirror. Jews and Conversos in Medieval Spain

October 10, 2023 – January 14, 2024

"Using a broad selection of works, this exhibition recreates a medieval mirror that shows how Jews and conversos (converts to Christianity) were portrayed by Christians in Spain from 1285 to 1492. Images played a key role in the complex relationship between all three groups during this period. On the one hand, they were an important vehicle for the transmission of rites and artistic models between Christians and Jews and provided a space for collaboration between artists from both communities. On the other – the grim flipside – they helped spread the growing anti-Judaism embedded in Christian society. In this respect, the visual stigmatisation of the Jews was a faithful reflection of the Christians’ mirror, of their beliefs and anxieties, and accordingly a powerful means of asserting their identity."

Prado Museum web site

Detail - Red Hair - in the laundry by Robert Blum 1884

Detail image "In the Laundry" by Robert Frederick Blum, 1884

Staring girl detail image - In the Laundry by Robert Blum 1884

Working girls in the laundry

Goya and his painting The Last Communion of St Joseph Calasanz "Sacred Mysteries, Saintly Failures"MSN UK Telegraph

The article discusses how Goya sent back 3/4ths of his painting fee for doing two paintings, one being  The Last Communion of St Joseph Calasanz, Goya saying it was a gift for his “countryman”.  The article goes into more depth about Joseph Calasanz himself.

Harvard's Forbes Pigment Collection

Story at Protothema

These pigments aren’t just about aesthetics; they hold secrets that unravel the authenticity of artworks, guiding experts in distinguishing originality from restoration. However, these pigments aren’t without hazards; some are toxic, like arsenic-laden emerald green. Thus, this color repository serves as a silent witness to the passage of time, helping unveil the truth hidden within the strokes of artistry."

Detail of Hovsep Pushman Rose of Shiraz, James Cowan Collection, Nashville Parthenon

Inside the Nashville Parthenon - Golden idol

Inside the "Nashville Parthenon" in Tennessee - Golden idol

Snake Detail from behid shield golden idol Parthenon of Nashville Tennesee

Gold idol inside the Nashville Parthenon in Tennessee

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