Vogue Magazine Summer Cover 1941 May 15

Art and Artifice

Vogue Magazine Cover May 15 1941

Free flowing design which creates a visual 'pun' of the beachball, but also renders the image both exciting (red) and fun (it is afterall a beach ball) and it is also a part of the logo, displayed loose and free without being caged in with the limitations of constant month-to-month branding... the image itself is the branding.

Art Deco

"Summer Beauty Issue" Vogue Magazine May 1941

Vogue May 1, 1913 - George Wolfe Plank cover art

Conte Verde Art Deco Poster 1932

Cover to Vogue Magazine by George Plank 1912

Vogue Cover illustration by George Plank 1917

Various Vogue Magazine Covers

Albert Staehle Art Deco Poster 1939

Deco design of 1930 by Oliver Bernard - Strand Palace Hotel

F. C. Ferrick Poster 1925 Art Deco

January 15, 1919 Vogue Magazine cover by Lepape

Randie art - Vogue Magazine Cover

Carl Erickson Vogue November 1930 Cover

Classical Painting Atelier: A Contemporary Guide to Traditional Studio Practice - AMAZON Published by Watson-Guptill, 256 pages

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