John Biggers painting - Coming Home from Work - 1944 - VMFA Museum Richmond Virginia VMFA Dirty South Exhibit Cadillac Automobile VMFA Museum Lobby for Dirty South 2021 George Bellows Image Detail from the painting KIDS painted 1906 George Bellows painting 1906 titled KIDS Detail of Las Hilanderas - The Spinners by John Singer Sargent, painted after a Velazquez painting 1879 Inside the Freer Art Gallery John Singer Sargent Ink Drawing of El Jaleo 1882

Art and Artifice

Archive 43 - Autumn 2022

Detail John Biggers painting - Coming Home from Work 1944

John Biggers painting: Coming Home from Work - 1944, Photo ERIK WEEMS - VMFA Museum, Richmond VA

Trial for "Art Heist of the century" draws to conclusion

A suspended prison sentence of six years for Giorgos Sarmantzopoulos who stole three paintings in January 2012:

Picasso: Head of a Woman (1934)

Mondrian’s: Stammer Windmill with Summer House (1905)

Guglielmo Caccia: Sketch St. Diego de Alcala in Ecstasy with the Holy Trinity and the Symbols of Passion

Story at Art News MSN and at Ethnos [Greek language]

Warhol exhibit in Milan attacked by climate change demonstrator

Story at Euro News [Greek]

"They doused 8kg of flour on a car that had been decorated by the late American artist."

Klimt painting Tod und Leben attacked with black liquid in Vienna

ABC News article

"Protesters from Last Generation Austria threw a black oily liquid on Gustav Klimt's painting "Tod und Leben" at the Leopold museum in Vienna, Austria, before glueing theirs hands to the frame. The group tweeted that members targeted the 1915 painting, which translates to "Death and Light," to protest the Austrian government's use of fossil fuels."

The World's largest Norman Rockwell memorabilia collection coming up to auction

Story at MSN Talker

Auction being held by Hanson Auctioneers

Van Gogh "Sunflowers" painting attacked

Dirty South Cadillac car at the VMFA Museum

Dirty South Cadillac car at the VMFA Museum

National Gallery of Art

At the National Gallery of Art

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