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Art Deco Bronze-Steel-Nickel elevator Door Panel 1931 Art Deco Elevator Doors
Design by Raymond Hood and built by Rene Paul Chambellin
Stainless steel, bronze and nickel, 1931
Photo: Erik Weems at Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington

Art Deco Elevator - Design by Raymond Hood and built by Rene Paul Chambellin

Inside VMFA - Gaston laChaise Standing Woman Bronze

VMFA Lachaise Bronze Standing Woman

Gaston LaChaise "Standing Woman" aka "Elevation" at the VMFA

Midsummer-Night's Dream

John Fitzgerald oil on canvas - midsummer-nights dream - Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

John Anster Christian Fitzgerald (aka "Fairy Fitzgerald")
"Queen Titania and Nick Bottom" also known as
"Scene from Midsummer-Night’s Dream" 1860’s
Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

The museum exhibit noted that Fitzgerald used gilded twig framing for his faery paintings, a reference to tales in which faeries use bird nests.

Detail Image Queen Titania and Nick Bottom  by Fitzgerald

Richmond VMFA Museum

Inside the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Donut Sprinkles

Donut Sprinkles and Chocolate Glaze

Food sculpture - Donut Sprinkles and Chocolate Glaze, Richmond VA

Rose carved memorial stone at St. John Church

Brothers Rose carved tomb memorial stone in Richmond at St Johns Church

More of the Dengre carved stone


Napoleon in his imperial robes - painting by Francois Gerald 1805

Painting by Francois Gerald, 1805. Photographed at the traveling Napoleon: Power and Splendor exhibit, 2018.

"A study in iconography" is how this piece is described, but there is also the basic image of a man adorned in the royal fashion of 1805. Not only is the outfit (and presentation by the artist) meant for the inspection of the French, but for the inspection of a particular fan club of royalty and "royalists," that is to say, Napoleon's attempted transformation from a Corsican-born professional artilleryman in the French army into a sovereign leader in Europe (and the world) was in mid-program. It worked for awhile, then came exile to Elba, then Waterloo, then imprisonment on St. Helena, and finally death by stomach cancer.

[Below] From the Napoleon Exhibit

Napoleon Jacket Green and Gold

Napoleon Jacket Green with Gold - Back side

Hanging with Napoleon

Hanging out with Napoleon

A model dressed as a Napoleon (in military Marshal attire) mixing it up with the tourists at the VMFA Napoleon: Power and Splendor exhibit, Richmond, Virginia.

Two Hide Dress

Two Hide Dress 1800s

"Nez Perce" garment. Dated before 1880, at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Nez Perce 2 Hide Dress

Shard Greek Winged Horse Art

From The Horse in Ancient Greek Art exhibit, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, May 2018

Ancient Greek Horse Art Chariot

Ancient Greece Horse Coin

Ancient Greece Horse Coin

Horace Vernet - Hunting in the Pontine Marshes 1833

Hunting in the Pontine Marshes, 1833 - Art by Horace Vernet

Hunting in the Pontine Marshes Detail

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