Edward Hopper - Capon 1933 - Watercolor Maxfield Parrish artwork - Winter,  1906Rhapsody in Blue and Yellow   oil on canvas - Rick Stevens Art - source www rickstevensart com Egyptian Woman art by John SInger Sargent Matisse Cut Out Art Female Form Vaino Hamelainin - Lake Landscape - 1932 - Oil on canvas size 74 x 61 cm Oil Portrait Painting - Francisco Soria Aedo The 2nd Day of Creation, 1925 - Second Day of Creation

Art and Artifice 2017

Hallucinatios #2

Steven Panecassio artwork  Hallucinatios #2 from 2013

Art by Steven Panecassio

Landscape 1909

Landschaft mit sturmischer Wolkenstimmung - art by Georg Drah

Art by Georg Drah

Winter Landscape

Winter Landscape - Gottardo Segantini

Art by Gottardo Segantini

Art by Elmore

Art by Elmore

Woman Portrait - Art by Elmore

Art by Elmore

Mantilla and Basquina

Goya - painting - Mantilla and Basquina lady Bookseller The Booksellers Wife - aka Mantilly and Basquina - By Goya circa 1805-1808 Gloved Hand - Goya

The Booksellers Wife - aka Mantilly and Basquina - By Goya circa 1805-1808

Procession in Crypt

Maurits Cornelis Escher - Procession in Crypt - 1927

Maurits Cornelis Escher - 1927

Grey Day on Charles

Grey Day on Charles - John Breck

Oil on canvas by John Breck, 1894. Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. VMFA site

Source: Fleurdulys

National Gallery - French

The Lake

The Lake

Art by Konstantin Kryzhitsky

Lake Landscape, 1932

Lake Landscape 1932

Art by Vaino Hamalainen

Detail - Lady in Mantilla and Basquina

Mantilla detail - Goya - Lady with Baquina and Mantilla

Titlted in older Goya literature as “The Bookseller’s Wife” or “The Book Lady from Las Fuentes Street” due to apparent faulty attribution to the identity of the subject. Painted 1805 -1808 circa

Poster - Buckaroo Banzai

Buckaroo Banzai - Poster art by Robert Sammelin

Art by Robert Sammelin

Taos New Mexico - 1921

William Victor Higgins - Taos New Mexico 1921

Art by William Victor Higgins


Batman Joker Jock Art

Art by Jock