Isle of the Dead - Arnold BocklinPotsdamer Platz - 1914- Ernst Ludwig KirchnerCattle at the River - Leon Augustin LhermitteHelix Nebula - source www noao eduIlya Repin - The Annual Meeting in Memory of the French Communards at the pere-Lachaise Cemetary in Paris 1883Albert Saverys, La Lys en Hiver, 1947Gustav Klimpt 1895 - MusicCharles Courtney Curran, Paris at Night, 1889

Art and Artifice

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Invisible Republic

Lineart from INVISIBLE REPUBLIC #14 by Gabriel Hardamn, published by Image Comics

Art by Gabriel Hardamn

Playing Tennis

Playing Tennis - Art by Gerrit Willem van Blaaderen

Art by Gerrit Willem van Blaaderen

Mille e una notte

Panel painting - Mille e una notte by Vittorio Zecchin -1914 circa

Art by Vittorio Zecchin

Deceptive Paintings by Rob Gonslaves

Art by Rob Gonslaves

Deceptive Paintings by Rob Gonslaves

Free Hugs



Art by Christian Schloe

Félix Vallotton artwork -  Wolken, 1890

Art by Felix Vallotton, 1890

Art by Toshiaki Kato

Art by Toshiaki Kato

New Van Gogh art found

Or maybe not...

This week Bogomila Welsh-Ovcharov, a professor at the University of Toronto in Canada, presented what she claimed were previously unknown Van Gogh sketchbook drawings from an 1888 ledger (drawings published this week by Abrams Vincent van Gogh: The Lost Arles Sketchbook). The accounting ledger was used as a drawing book by Van Gogh while traveling in the Provence (i.e., Provençal) countryside, and the authenticity of the artwork was supported by various experts, particularly Van Gogh scholar Ronald Pickvance who has published a number of books on Van Gogh. Pictures in the book depict familiar Van Gogh subjects such as haystacks, farm fields, and there is a single Van Gogh self portrait.

Provence France - Van Gogh found sketchbooks

But the Amsterdam Van Gogh Museum has come out saying the artwork is imitation and that they have stated this in the past:

“... experts examined its style, technique and iconography, and among their conclusions were that it contains distinctive topographical errors and that its maker based it on discoloured drawings by Van Gogh.

...For some time, the Van Gogh Museum has been aware of the album of drawings that has now been published under the title of Vincent van Gogh: The Lost Arles Sketchbook. At an earlier stage (in 2008 and 2012), our experts gave their opinion on its authenticity – an opinion not mentioned in the publication – at the request of various owners of drawings from the album. Our researchers and curators are happy about every new work that can correctly be attributed to Van Gogh, but on the basis of high-quality photographs sent to them of 56 of the 65 drawings now published, they concluded that these could not be attributed to Vincent van Gogh. ”

Battling experts is nothing new in the art world, but it is now on Prof. Bogomila Welsh-Ovcharov to marshal more expert testimony in favor of her discovery to compete with the weight of the Van Gogh Museum.

Press release from the Van Gogh Museum (in English).

Kimio Muraoka art work

Art by Kimio Muraoka

Monet breaks records

So does Kandinsky

Christie's Auction House reports that their Impressionist & Modern Art Evening Sale Auction on November 16 has resulted in a $81,447,500 million dollar high for Monet's painting titled Meule.

Other highlights from this auction event:

  • A world auction high set for Wassily Kandinsky, his painting Rigide et Courbe (1935) went for $23,319,500.
  • Eleven pieces across several mediums by Pablo Picasso with his painting Buste de femme (Dora Maar) from 1938 going for $22,647,500

News item at the Christie's Web Site

Storm Clouds

Volodymyr Orlovsky artwork Storm Clouds

Art by Volodymyr Orlovsky

Quiet Moonlight beyond Catalina Island

Quiet Moonlight  beyond Catalina Island - 1907 - Granville Redmond

Art by Granville Redmond

Jamie Wyeth Self Portrait 1972

Jamie Wyeth Self Portrait 1972

N C Wyeth - Self Portrait 1919

N C Wyeth - Self Portrait 1919

Andrew Wyeth - Self Portrait 1949

Andrew Wyeth 1949 Self Portrait

Detail from Alps Landscape in Spring

Ludwig Rosch artwork -  Detail from Alps Landscape in Spring, 19th Century

Art by Ludwig Rosch

Asmodea - Fantastic Vision

Goya - Fantastic Vision - Asmodea 1820-1823 Detail close up Asmodea - Goya art - Fantastic Vision

Artwork by Francisco de Goya

Sylt, Kampen, Dunkle Wolken, Watt, 1907

Wenzel Hablik, Sylt, Kampen, Dunkle Wolken, Watt, 1907

Art by Wenzel Hablik

Moonlight Scene - 1914

Moonlight Scene - 1914 - Francois Cachoud

Art by Francois Cachoud

Gala evening in Moscow Philharmonic Hall

Gala evening in Moscow Philharmonic Hall - Alexander Samokhvalov   1950

Art by Alexander Samokhvalov, 1950

Shaw Memorial - Plaster Study

Augustus Saint-Gaudens - Shaw Memorial - Plaster StudyAugustus Saint-Gaudens - Shaw Memorial - Plaster heads Study

Sculpt by Augustus Saint-Gaudens

Fisherfolk on the Beach 1875

Hendrik Mesdag - 1875 - Bomschuiten at Anchor with Fisherfolk on the Beach 1875

Art by Hendrik Mesdag

The Temple of Fudo Sama at Meguro, Tokyo

Temple Court of Fudo Sama - Art by Robert Blum

Art by Robert Blum 1891

Detail image - Temple Court - Art by Robert Blum

Delacroix 1833

Jewish Woman of Algiers - etching - Delacroix 1833

Martin Deschambault ship art

Martin Deschambault ship art

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