Federico Beltran MassesConstantinople  Art by Ivan Konstantinovich AivazovskyMax Clarenbach Neusser Hafen mit Blick nach Suden 1901 - 1903 Reading - art by Czene BelaUnyarded Deer - Neil Welliver

Art and Artifice 2017

Princess Charlotte

Princess Charlotte

Stanislaw Wyspianski Stanislaw Wyspianski Stanislaw Wyspianski

Art by Stanislaw Wyspianski

Woman in a Spring Landscape

Woman in a Spring Landscape - William Henry Margetson

Art by William Henry Margetson

ArtStation - Emily, Sergey Kolesov

"Waking Up" 1898

Anders Zorn - Waking Up 1898

Art by Anders Zorn

Self Portrait - Anders Zorn 1896

Self Portrait - Anders Zorn - Source: nationalacademy org

"Rainy January"

Pascal Campion - Rainy January

Art by Pascal Campion - Online web page

Tamara de Lempicka

Guido - art by Tamara de Lempicka

‘Portrait de Guido Sommi’ - Marquis Guido di Girolamo Sommi Picenardi - 1925

Art by Tamara de Lempicka

Playing Tennis

Playing Tennis - Art by Gerrit Willem van Blaaderen

Art by Gerrit Willem van Blaaderen

New Book: Tropical Light: The Art of A. E. Backus - Amazon

Isle of the Dead

Isle of the Dead - Arnold Bocklin

Art by Arnold Bocklin

Black Granite Egyptian Head

Black Granite Egyptian Head - 1500 BCGranite Egypt sculpted Head

1500 BC, Virginia Museum of FIna Arts

Abendstimmung am Schlachtensee

Abendstimmung am Schlachtensee, Paul Vorgang

Art by Paul Vorgang