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Young Florentine Lady

Young Lady Florentine Sculpture Bust A

A Lady - Marble 1475-1485, "Circle of Andrea Del Verrocchio" Florentine artist 1435-1488. National Gallery of Art, Washington DC

Young Lady Florentine Sculpture Bust - profile right

Young Lady Florentine Sculpture Bust profile left

Young Lady Florentine Sculpture Bust - face forward

Detroit's Institute of Art facing auction axe

The dire straits of Detroit City finances has pulled in an unlikely asset for liquidation: The Detroit Instate of Art. The 128 year old museum has pieces by Van Gogh, Albert Pinkham Ryder, Bruegal, and many others. Valued at $2 billion dollars and owned by the City of Detroit, legal machinery is moving in the state of Michigan to either allow or prevent the auctioning (by Christies) of a selection of the museum's collection in order to raise funds for the city's ongoing debacle over unfunded pensions and other matters.

New York Times has a complete story on the current state of affairs at DIA.

Bocklin - Isle of the Dead

Art and Artifice - Bocklin Isle of the Dead

Arnold Bocklin Isle of the Dead (Second Version) - 1880 oil on wood

Vogue Magazine Cover May 1941

Vogue Magazine COver May 1941

Classic Vogue magazine cover with a complete disregard for the rudiments of what the 21st century calls "branding." Instead of a fixed logo lettering, the logo has become a part of the 'fun' in the image. See the cover artwork enlarged.

Anthony Van Dyck - Portrait of a Woman

Portrait in oil of a woman by Anthony van Dyck

1636-1637 Flemish painting "Portrait of a Woman" by Anthony Van Dyck. See various detail images of the painting here.

Eyes - Portrait of a Woman - Van Dyck

Conte Verde - 1932 lithograph

Conte Verde 1932 Lithograph

Classic deco summer holiday travel image. See poster image enlarged.

Arnold Bocklin - The Plague

Arnold Bocklin the Plague - 1898

Arnold Bocklin image of the plague, the medieval event which destroyed a third of Europe. Bocklin's depiction is of a grim death-figure armed with scythe, rushing through the street of a village while astride a flying dragon or embodiment of pestilence. See the painting The Plague enlarged.

"A Painting to Dream On"

Arnold Bocklin Death playing Violin Self Portrait

Bocklin's original title for this 1872 oil painting "A Painting to Dream On" has come down to us with a more conventional title: 'Self-Portrait with Death Playing the Violin. '

See the painting much larger.

Charles Reiffel "Railway Yards - Winter"

Railway Yards by Charles Reiffel

See the painting enlarged.

"Autumn Design" by Charles Reiffel

Charles Reiffel Autumn Design

See "Autumn Design" Enlarged.