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Chihuly Glass Sculpture 1

Photos: Retrospective of Dale Chihuly's career at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

Kawase Hasui

Kawase Hasui - woodblock print of Village Kanago 1954

Kawase Hasui Woodblock Print from 1954. "Kanago Village, Ibaraki Prefecture"

See image enlarged.

Hiroshige - Plum Orchard in Kameido

Hiroshige Plum Orchard 1857 Woodblock Print

Japanese woodblock print, 1857: Hiroshige "Plum Orchard in Kameido." View image enlarged.

Edvard Munch "Melancholy" - 1892

Edvard Munch Melancholy oil on canvas

Separated figure among the rocks along a Norwegian coast. View image enlarged.

Edvard Munch "Starry Night"

Edvard Munch Starry Night

Munch snowscape oil painting with shadows cast from unseen people. View this Munch painting enlarged.

Robert Lawson art "Theodore Roosevelt"

Theodore Roosevelt by RObert Lawson

Robert Lawson portrait of Theodore Roosevelt from the 1957 edition of his book Watchwords of Liberty. See the image enlarged here.

Catherine Jeffrey Jones "Parasol"

(officially untitled work 2001)

Parasol untitled - Jeffrey Jones

See this Catherine Jeffrey Jones' painting enlarged.

Art Deco Architecture

Havana Bacardi Building

The Bacardi Building in Havana, Cuba
The architects were Esteban Rodriguez Castell, Rafael Fernandez Ruenes, and Jose Menendez Menendez. Built 1930.
From photo 36 of the book.


By Hans Engel
Published 1999 by Prestel

This is a beautiful book, chock full of photographs of aged (and often decrepit) buildings from the heyday of Art Deco. Havana is like a showplace museum of 20th century architecture that shuddered to a stop after the Castro dictatorship got started in 1959. The architectural construction that has happened since then (that I have seen in photographs) seems to be big Soviet style concrete buildings, excepting the hotels that have been built since Cuba opened up (slightly) in the 1990s for tourism. Neither of these latter two styles make any showing in this book of photography, instead it is a catalog of history and atmosphere captured by Hans Engel's lens. link for the book here.

Cliffs and Waves

cliffs and Waves - William Trost Richards

Art by William Trost Richards

Coast of Cornwall

Coast of Cornwall - George Inness

Art by George Inness

Jack Guaghan Aliens

Art by Jack Guaghan


Toscano Statue Illuminated Light Design Toscano Art Deco Peacock Maidens Illuminated Statue

Design Toscano Art Deco Peacock Maidens Illuminated Statue