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Leinil Yu Batman and Danger Girl

Leinil Yu Batman and Danger Girl

Andy Hartnell, Leinil Yu and Gerry Alanguilan 2005
Batman and Danger Girl
Published by Wildstorm / DC Comics

©2005 DC Comics

There is a lot of humor in this rendition of Batman, both in the artwork and the story. Leinil Yu draws with a strong caricatured-edge, but Alanguilan's inks seem to keep a lid on the excess, holding the hero business in Hartnell's story within the realm of serious conflict, though peppered with enough one-liners to supply a comedy sketch.

The embellishment is of the Jim Lee world, though Yu's drawing and Alanguilan's inks utilize many classic illustrative techniques, in particular the rendering of shadow (especially in showing the human nose). Parallel lines effectively show size and weight and shape. Crosshatching to produce grey-toning effects are well-done and hearken to the classic styling of Adams, Wrightson and the Filipino artists of DC comics in the 1970s. Yu's anatomy is pure comic-book, and the elasticity of his shapes and the blacking in the inking both project action and athletics, and a kind of jokiness that throws out the gothic gloom of the generic Batman tale for a steroid-strength jolt of Adam West.

The Alex Sinclair coloring seems to ride the line between the trademark darkness of a Batman tale and the bright neon "Joker" colors found on many of the pages. Since Yu leaves out backgrounds from a majority of the panels, Sinclair fills in the space effectively from his palette of colors.

Leinil Yu 2005 Batman & Danger Girl
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Leinil Yu Batman and Danger Girl

Leinil Yu 2005

Leinil Yu Batman and Danger Girl

Leinil Yu

Leinil Yu Batman and Danger Girl

Written by Erik Weems ©2005
Artwork is by Leinil Yu and Gerry Alanguilan
Copyright 2005 DC Comics

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