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Jim Aparo House of Mystery 1972

JIm Aparo House of Mystery

Jim Aparo 1972
©1972 DC Comics

5 page story
Story: "Tomorrow I Hang!" By E. Nelson Bridwell
Artwork by Jim Aparo

Jim Aparo started doing comics in the 1960s, and more or less finished up his career (to my knowledge) in the late 1980s working for DC Comics. Although not evident from this particular page, Aparo has always drawn some of the most expressive hands in comics. I have noticed (particularly in Aparo's 1970 Batman work) that much of the story is expressed not just through the plotting and the general action of the figures, but also in the hand motion of the characters.

In this sample page from 1972, the usual 6-panel grid is broken up into a bit of cinematic pacing and "wide-angle" action at the critical middle-page panel which reveals the dangerous condition of the female character,

The story has a legitimate twist-ending, which is something "mystery" comics often fail to provide. The prisoner has a foolproof method for escaping his coming execution by hanging, however cultural mores come into play which more than outwit his scheme.

Jim Aparo House of Mystery

Written by Erik Weems ©2004
Artwork is by Jim Aparo, Copyright©1972 DC Comics


Jim Aparo

Jim Aparo at Comic Book Brain

Written by Erik Weems ©2004-2006
Artwork is by Alex Nino Copyright© DC Comics

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